Infrared for recovery from surgery, colds and workouts

Infrared for recovery from surgery, colds and workouts

One of my go to recovery tools is my infrared lamp.
I use it for chest and sinus congestion, muscle soreness, ankle sprains and joint pain.
The light penetrates below the skin and increases blood flow and thus promotes healing.
Its greatly reduces pain from workout or sprains.
Benefits are:

  • Reduces pressure from sinus inflammation
  • Relaxes muscles and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Increases oxygen in the tissues.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Releases toxins from cells.
  • Eliminates the microorganisms that cause colds.
  • Speeds up tissue and wound healing.
  • Improves workout recovery.
  • Reduces pressure from sinus issues
  • Aids in the rebuilding of connective tissues.
  • Improves skin health with the aid of collagen.

Results vary of course but it has been a great tool for us. The link below is the lamp I have been using since 2015.

Please note that the link is an affiliate link that allows me to earn a small percentage of the purchase, essentially a small donation for my testing.

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