Rob's Primal Life Story

Rob loses his father.

My Father, who I believed would live to be 100 years old as he was always healthy as a horse, was diagnosed with dementia in 2010 at the age of 74.
Dementia is a terrible disease that steals your life away while you are consciously watching.
I lived with the constant fear of the day where he would not recognize me as his son.
Depression was a constant as his condition worsened. Sadly he fell into a coma in and passed away a few days later.
It was difficult to cope with and hard to grasp how he was physically so healthy and declined mentally so rapidly.
His passing instilled a desire to learn more about the causes and research on dementia. Soon learned that some scientists are now calling dementia type 3 diabetes.
Analyzing his lifestyle I realized there were several factors that as studies support can raise the risk of dementia.

Rob almost lost his Mom.

My mom suffered a severe stroke and fell into a coma like state for several days.
Having been through the experience with my father who never woke up again, this was a terrifying time.
Finally she woke up, but she was unable to speak, walk, and move her right arm. Hospital staff, including her doctor, were not hopeful of a recovery to the point of walking unassisted, effective communication and thus independent living.
My mom loves her independence and this was a grim outlook, however she is not one to give up and managed to power through the rehab and eventually walked on her own and was able to regain her speech.
Finally she was allowed to return home. A frightening scenario for several reasons, not only did I almost lose my mom, genetically I am a lot like her. Her entire family suffers from cardiovascular disease.

Was I heading down the same path?

Being overweight a 5’6” and 236lbs, my blood pressure was elevated, and I was plagued by several issues like irritable bowel syndrome (food allergy test, came back negative).
Suffering from signs of metabolic syndrome, I could not lose weight no matter what I tried.
Walking a mile without having to sit down due to back pain. seemed like a challenge.
I started to hate the genetic cards I was dealt and resented my body.

Rob loses his cousin to cancer.

My cousin Thomas was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and started treatment optimistically. Unfortunately he did not respond well to the treatment and his condition declined rapidly.
In the last communication I had told him to be strong, that was the best I could come up with. He passed away the next day. He left behind wife, kids, his sister, and father.
Seeing the pain my uncle had to endure while burying his son was difficult to bear.

Rob loses his dog Brody to cancer.

I also lost my best buddy and fur baby to cancer he was only 7.
This hit me really hard as he was with me all day every day. I was his guardian, his protector and I felt like I failed him.
He was diagnosed with a nerve root tumor on his spine and a nerve sheath tumor on his hind leg.
Brody was given a few months by the oncologists prognosis. Tired and worn out, he would not get up anymore. This made me feel hopeless and scared but decided, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and let him leave so soon. Change had to be made and I started with his food to provide him the nutrients that he may be missing. He was fed like a king, meat, fish, and poultry of the highest quality. Special liver pate was always on the menu and he loved it.

Within 48hrs on his new diet he got up and started walking again.
Eventually we ended up even going on 4 mile hikes together where he set the pace. With his improved energy and his quality of life he was able to enjoy another adventure filled year. Eventually the cancer claimed his life too, I miss him dearly.
Brody taught me a lot which is why I call him as the founder.

 Rob goes Primal.

These events shaped me, taught me, and led me to rethink conventional wisdom.
During each event I studied the causes, the potential for prevention, and the lifestyle factors potentially associated.

I started my primal life journey. My weight went down 60lbs.
My health markers improved dramatically.
The annoying heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome disappeared.
My physical and cognitive performance improved to the point where I was able to run a Ragnar trail event, earn my black belt in Krav Maga, and race my mountainbike in the SoCal Enduro Series.
It felt great and still does. I feel like I got my life back and I had a chance to rewind the clock.
Applying and confirming my gained knowledge by earning a Certification as an Integrative Health Coach was a logical step for me. Now I teach others how to take the same steps to reclaim their life and health and also the health of their pets as the founder Brody would have wanted me to.

Reclaim your life, rewind the clock!

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