Testimonials for Health Coaching Primal Life Inc Temecula

Their extensive knowledge of nutrition and how it relates to metabolism is extensive and the result of many hours of research. I have born personal witness to the research process and have seen first hand the results of their labor. Whether one is looking to lose weight, achieve fitness goals or simply lead a healthier…

Tony R.

Robert and Melinda opened our eyes to the poison we were feeding our bodies. Our journey was kickstarted by them and we continue to feel better with excitement every day.

Jason P.

After talking with Mel and Rob I felt as though my perspective on health was completely transformed. I was able to gain real insight on what is means to be truthfully healthy. It is powerfully moving the passion you can hear/feel when both coaches discuss the importance of the right food intake. Their perspective on…

Nikki O.

Robert and Melinda taught me great tools to kickstart my journey to better health. As a carb addict, I really needed the support of a health coach and that is what I got. I greatly appreciate all the knowledge they have passed on to me and are always available to answer questions.  

Ashley C.

It was an incredible experience for me. The knowledge provided was very helpful and has improved my life. Thank you for your help and guidance!

Johnnie S.

What a joy it was to work with Rob & Melinda at Primal Life Temecula . I was given tools & motivation to kick start my life change. I am 10 lbs down in just 6 weeks. i am exercising & have a clean gut,  refrigerator and cupboards.  Thank you for your patience and details…

Teri Z.

“Thanks to Robs Primal Life for teaching me how to get in the best shape of my life.”

Socal Enduro Winner Mr G.

Rob,  That was so informative. I enjoyed it and learned some new things.  Thanks for taking the time to share your vast knowledge with us so that we can incorporate it into our own healthy lifestyles. I’ve already looked up some of the suggestions you made and am anxious to give it a try.  What…

Diane D.