Primal Life Integrative Health Coach Temecula

Learn what to eat to thrive and not just survive, so you can take charge of your life and get back to the  things you love.
primal life health coaching temecula
You eat the “right foods” and exercise but the results are lacking, it’s not your fault, conventional wisdom has misled you. We guide you through your unique challenges using an integrative approach, putting health and nutrients first.

At Primal Life, our approach is not just another diet plan. We identify the factors in your life that keep you from reaching your goals, then provide you with the blueprint for a healthy happy life along with accountability that is typically reserved to pro athletes and celebrities. There is more to consider than workouts and meals. Permanent lifestyle changes and behavior change that will set the stage for weight loss, fitness, health, mental and physical performance is our goal. You only live once, make sure you get the full experience.

Rob has changed my life. I have never felt this good in my life. His infinite wisdom on toxins, living a healthy lifestyle, and achieving overall wellness is mind-blowing. His approach is holistic and he focuses on every part of your life, not just eating. He is so supportive and cares more about the client…

Rachel I.

Their extensive knowledge of nutrition and how it relates to metabolism is extensive and the result of many hours of research. I have born personal witness to the research process and have seen first hand the results of their labor. Whether one is looking to lose weight, achieve fitness goals or simply lead a healthier…

Tony R.

Mel & Rob were God sent. I met them during a difficult time when my husband had just had brain surgery. They hosted our dog for a couple of weeks and I discovered that they were a treasure. We met for a little consultation of healthy eating and I hired them in the spot. We…

Veronica G.

How to get started.

Step 1

Set up a free call to discuss your goals, and determine if we are a good fit for you.

Step 2

Once goals are defined we will create a plan to move forward.

Step 3

We schedule your first session, typically two sessions in the first week to get a jump start.

No excessive gym hours required.

Maximize your results with minimal effort. We encourage exercise but the amount and duration have to be realistic and sustainable otherwise the results will not be permanent. Our mission is to permanently improve the rest of your life, not just provide temporary improvements.

You have 24 hours every day, make them work for you!

Make the most of every day, not just an hour at the gym.

Our coaching covers the entire day including your sleep.

Let us shape your environment for best results, in regards to health, weight, performance, longevity and vitality.


What to eat and when to eat. How and where to grocery shop.  Prepare nutritious meals and lean what you really need in your kitchen.


Maximize results with minimal effort.


We all know that not getting quality rest can impact your cognitive and physical performance not to mention your mood. Let us guide you through the lifestyle changes that will improve your sleep and restore your energy.


Ceate an environment that supports your goals at work and at home.

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How much weight can you lose in a week? Setting the right goals.
How much weight can you lose in a week? Setting the right goals.
How much weight loss per week is realistic and sustainable?
How to improve indoor air quality.
How to improve indoor air quality.
How to improve Indoor Air Quality. The fact is we consume more air than we drink water or eat food,…

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