Ketogenic Diet Coach

Ketogenic Diet Coach

Why you should hire a coach to get started on your ketogenic journey.

  1. The main reason would be to avoid jeopardizing your health by following a ketogenic diet as recommended by online “keto coaches” without any type of official training.
  2. Find out if a ketogenic diet is a fit for you first before you get started.
  3. Cost, save yourself wasted cash on supplements you don’t need or gimmicks that only benefit the seller.
  4. Receive a guide tailored to your unique circumstances and preferences.
  5. To save yourself some time and frustration by avoiding the pitfalls and detours, even some books claiming to provide clarity but only add to the misinformation.
  6. The benefit of a local guide to the best sources for quality foods.
  7. Answers on demand without delay through text or voxer, for instance, when you are going out to eat and you are not sure what to pick from the menu.
  8. Help with the implementation of your new lifestyle, from shopping guides to meal preparation.
  9. Guide to supplements, what is needed and what is not.

We would enjoy sitting down with you to discuss if a Ketogenic Diet is right for you. Get in touch

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