Magnesium a essential mineral.

Magnesium a essential mineral.

Magnesium is an essential mineral, especially if you are a heavy sweater or you are following a low carb lifestyle.
Essential for muscle function bone health and nervous system thus you may benefit from supplementation.

Common symptoms of magnesium deficiencies may include:
excessive head sweating
restless legs
muscle aches

I tested this product long term and found it to be very beneficial.
Some of other products that I tested would leave me with an upset stomach and didn’t seem to provide the same benefits.
Slow release function improves absorption and ensures a steady supply.

There are still some ingredients included that I don’t care for but until I find a better supplement this is my goto.
Be sure to ask your physician if this supplement is right for you.

Purchase through the link below.

Please note that the link is an affiliate link that allows me to earn a small percentage of the purchase, essentially a small donation for my testing.





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