7 weeks after the hand surgery and I already got a few rides in.

7 weeks after the hand surgery and I already got a few rides in.

Recover faster from injury surgery or workout for that matter.

Feeling blessed my extra care paid off with a recovery that is 2 months ahead of the surgeon’s expectation.
When the surgeon told me it would be 4 months before I would be able to grip the handlebar of my bike again it was tough.
Immediately I told my wife that won’t apply to me as I’m not consuming a standard American diet (S.A.D).
Confident that my lifestyle would greatly enhance healing.

Confirmation came once the cast came off and I was able to move my hand with minimal pain.
The mobility increased rapidly, initially, it felt a bit like an old door hinge that is sticky.

Applying infrared to warm up the tissue prior to stretching and moving helped quite a bit.
Infrared increases blood flow and promotes healing, studies support. Check out my post about infrared here.

So what did I do to improve recovery?

Avoid alcohol
Get adequate protein (there is no one size fit all a good start is 0.8 g per pound of lean body mass)
Avoid simple carbs to avoid insulin spikes
Eliminate grain and grain products to increase absorption of calcium and other minerals
Get plenty of sleep to let your bodies hormones go to work and repair the damage.
Sun is your friend and helps you produce Vitamin D3, very important for bone health and mineral absorption (caution when taking antibiotics).
Eat nutritious unprocessed food, get plenty of nutrient dense foods like organic veggies, avoid high in oxalates like rhubarb for example as oxalic acid binds to calcium.
Quality Meats are equally important as you don’t want meat filled with hormones antibiotics or other toxins.
Consider bone broth, must be organic.

I hope this helps your recovery and don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.




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