Primal Life Performance

Primal Life Performance

What happens to your physical performance when you live the primal life?
Let’s just say it gets a nice boost the kind of boost that a nice tailwind gives you on a bike.
How does it work? It works great! It’s like adding super clean fuel to your car.
The engine runs:

  • smoother
  • improved performance
  • fewer exhaust gases
  • less gunk build up
  • better gas mileage

In a human this means:

  • improved fat oxidation (fat burning) even at higher intensities
  • lower resting heart rate
  • less lactic acid build up
  • FTHR Functional Threshold Heart Rate is increased (15 beats in my case)
    which essentially means your moving your sustainable redline up by 15 beats
  • quicker recovery
  • less soreness
  • weight loss (60lbs in my case)
  • Improved FTP Functional Threshold Power (15W in my case)
    Imagine what a loss of 60lbs and a gain of 15W FTP can do
  • no more bonking (running out of juice)

Results are dependent on your commitment and starting point.

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