Do you really lose weight working out?

Do you really lose weight working out?


Is exercise a key to weight loss?

Did you know that 80% of your weight loss is driven by nutrition, yes abs are made in the kitchen!

Exercise plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle and  is necessary to stimulate muscle growth and hormone release that you get especially after working out with weights, not to mention it makes you feel great!
You know the cheesy phrases “you can’t outrun your fork” or “you can’t work your way out of a bad diet”, well its true. Fat Loss Results are achieved 80% through nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% environment (sleep, stress). Too many hard workouts, high frequency cardio for long duration are counterproductive and will lead you to over eating, fatigue and craving the wrong foods, eventually burning you out.
Studies show that after a hard workout you become subconsciously less active when you should add frequent casual movement throughout the day.

Please don’t look at the calorie estimates of your workout, they are usually inflated and don’t consider that even at rest you would burn about 100 calories per hour.
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