Broken bones metacarpal base 4;5

Broken bones metacarpal base 4;5

All the things I do like Krav Maga, Enduro mountain biking and I end up breaking bones in my kitchen.

I was getting ready for the Tuesday night fat tire Tuesday ride.
Late already I ran into the kitchen in my cycling socks slipped and fell with my hand in the awkward position.
When I got off the ground my hand had a bulge in the back once I pressed on it, it felt like loose change.
The tell-tale sign things are not going to be walked off.

About an hour later the emergency room confirmed my suspicion that I had broken metacarpal bases 4 and 5.
Not what I wanted to hear but something I had to deal with.

Living in the land of motocross mountain bike and BMX tracks produced a shortage of orthopedic surgeons.
Every office we called was booked out for at least 2 weeks.
Uneasy is how I felt not being able to see a doctor anytime soon knowing that my broken bones would start to heal in the wrong places.

Finally, my wife decided to call one office one more time since it was a hand specialist.
Fortunately, they just had a cancellation and called us in immediately.
The doctor initially thought it might be able to be repaired without surgery but quickly changed his mind once he took more X Rays.
His feedback was this has to be done soon or it will cause problems later.

Through another act of God, we got on the schedule for surgery the next day.
After the surgery, I woke up ready to consume my first recovery meal.
Salmon was my meal of choice.

Step 1 on the Rd to recovery.
In my next post, I will go into more details about recovery and bone health.

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